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Agrifac technical specialist


After completing the Agrifac technical specialist training you are able to search for failures, find solutions and carry out maintenance by using technical schematics and EcotronicPlus. 

Target audience

The Agrifac technical specialist training is available for mechanics who carry out frequent (daily/weekly) maintenance or repairs of the Agrifac self-propelled sprayers. Before participating, the technician needs to have the following knowledge, acquired through education and/or experience:
  • hydraulics including; drive units with adjustable pumps and engines (closed system), closed center system, control valves, relation flow/pressure
  • electric including; reading schematics
  • ICT knowledge in connection with setting parameters 
  • constructive view
Except for the above, the technician must have following the Agrifac intro training or the Agrifac refresher course before. 

Content of the training

  • EcotronicPlus (making diagnoses, update and set up)
  • Electrical schemes and components
  • Hydraulic schemes and components
  • Control/regulation of the hydraulic pump set
  • Suspension, brakes, and operation of the pendulum
  • Pneumatic schemes and components
  • Dealing with malfunctions and common options

During this training, theory and practice will regularly be alternated. The training will conclude with an exam and, in case of a positive result, a certificate.

Training period

Two consecutive days.



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